It was a last minute decision to go cycling to Damdama. Saturday afternoon, I thought “Tomorrow is gonna be boring” and I embraced the old way of travel, Just decide and go.

With the directions safely Loaded in my Orux maps, I started off at 6.30am when it was around 6° and it felt like the cold was biting me. But my two layers of sweaters gave me enough comfort. Started pedaling slowly and soon the Delhi city was behind me and as a village approached, the Fog got thicker and thicker

Fog en route to Damdama

I couldn’t see any more than 10m and I was crawling on my cycle. It was slow but the feel was refreshing. After an hour, I made it into the Gurgaon city where the view was totally opposite, scarred with buildings under constructions, tangled overhead power lines and the crackling sound of all power machinery.

Ploughing ahead I soon crossed the CRPF camp and the DamDama Village. With the lake just around the upcoming curve, I was very excited. Images of me swimming, photographing beautiful birds and snoozing on the bank was swarming in my head. But it was all torn to pieces when I took the turn and saw the Lake.

It was Polluted and Garbage was strewn on the bank. Disappointment made me feel the fatigue of cycling and I sat on the nearby rock thinking what to do. If the world was ruled by me, I’d blow up the tourist agents for what they have done to this lake. Allowing people to party and drink near the banks, they encouraged the throwing of garbage. The sewage line from the buildings probably is being emptied into this lake, because I can smell a hint of it. The construction workers used the lake banks on the far side for as their personal lavatory.

All this was seen as I scouted along the banks. But then I saw a sweet spot. A fairly large patch of grass on the farthest edge of the lake. Thank god people are lazy to travel far.

Settling down, I had my lunch of Apples, Guavas and a Snicker. The sun was warming up my body and It was really comfortable. Stripping my Tees off, I basked in the warmth and dozed off. I was woken up by shrill caws of some bird and I soon realized that a flock of Herons landed few meters from me. As I reached my hand towards my bag for the camera, They got alarmed and in unison they took off. But managed to get a photo of another flock which settled a bit far.

Panorama at Damdama

I should learn to move even more slowly. Soon It was time for me to return. I packed my stuffs up and Bid farewell to the birds who gave me company and Cycled back to Delhi and stuffed myself with as many eggs as I can to compensate for the protein loss of long distance cardio

Final Words:

If you are a Hard core nature enthusiast, this is a big NO NO. If Family fun, a quick get away to relax or getting bored is your goal, please do visit Damdama