Another fond incident occurred just before hiking to the amazing temples of Guinsa in Sobaek region.I was hungry and #MTR Sambhar-Rice was supposed to be the breakfast.Just before opening the sumptuous meal, a handsome , middle-aged figure in aviators approached asking where were we from.'Indo' as they know it there, was the response and he instantly sat down to have a chit-chat.Hesitantly ,i opened the pack and like any courteous lady ,i offered him first.Mr Park as his card read,took it, tasted and said in his thick accent "Umm ,it is delicious! Can i take this packet? Instead, i'll treat you with Korean special food". Haa!! God has plans for everyone :) (even this MTR packet too ;) ). The fantastic part was how this one packet would change the course of our entire day ahead .His two more army comrades just returned from the temples also joined in and we got busy discussing cultures.The aroma of Sambhar was unbelievably tempting in that land yet i didn't dare ask them for a bite.Instead we waited for our #Bibimbap - mostly various types of grass with salt.

Something Fishy??

And later ,these two humble souls decided to guide us through the five magnificent temples uphill again, hike with us to the Nirvana Place up on the top , get us dropped to bus terminus in a shuttle and give us their time while Mr Park waited downhill till we returned despite us politely refusing many times.
Life is so damn full of surprises <3