Being a vegan, i struggled to communicate the same in restaurants of Korea and also to find one such item on the menu as English is hardly known or spoken there.One late night , going through the menu in a restaurant near Namdaemun Market , a voice asked from behind 'Kya chaiye aapko?' Stunned , we turned around and saw a gentleman seated across eating dinner with his friend.He introduced himself from Hong-Kong and helped us choose from the menu.Our dinner arrived and we started eating 'Rice cakes with cheese' with a big egg too .(which went straight to Arvind's plate:* ).In my mind ,i kept wondering how he knew Hindi if he was from Hong-Kong and popped the question to him.He replied back saying he was from Pakistan , maternal side from Amritsar and other from Lahore.Aha ! :)

We talked a bit more from our respective tables and soon it was time for him to leave .We exchanged goodbyes and turned back to finish our food .Right then , we heard the same voice again " By the way , i have already paid for you two" and left ! Good Lord ! That was like instant connection .It left us with so much joy , gratitude and lessons learnt ! ❤️