Some 30 kms south of Seoul ,In Suwon lies the stunning Hwaseong fortress and its charm simply multiplies in the night when the encircling walls are lit up.Strolling along the streets of awe-striking castle walls and stumbled upon a traditional music center which was of-course closed at that time . Stealing a glimpse of the interior we turned around  to continue our romantic walk.That very instant ,out of nowhere a beautiful lady with hospitable smile approached , greeted and opened the center only for two of us. We were just like super excited children at the first day of school !
Without any further delay she handed out  'Korean Bird Song' lyrics , sang and we had our very first music lesson in 'Buk ' ( Korean Traditional Drum) .We bonded almost instantly and hour passed practicing, laughing , complimenting and sharing stories on each side .She told  how her name would be equivalent of 'Hey John' in English , introduced to other instruments , clicked our pictures, made a clip  and offered her 'Hanbok' to pose ;) . Her hospitality was heart-touching , but the 'Wow' moment was yet to come when she said ' Wait, what can i give the lady? Hm , take this" and handed me an elegant brooch adorned with roses . I almost shed a tear !
Her hospitality didn't stop there and went onto find something for the man too , but we stopped her ! Hope to repay that love someday soon @Hye Jung :)
Often smallest of the gestures carry the most weight !!